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Ψήφισε ποιό θέλεις να είναι το επόμενο theme party

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Who do you love most, the red riding hood or the wolf? In this theme party, heros and villains befriend each other, follow the wolf’s footprints to find his hiding place, play chasing games, as well as many more games we are preparing for your little red hoods and wolfies.
Have your kids play with a huge shadow puppet show! Karagiozis, cheeky but endearing, is the main character of traditional Greek shadow puppet shows. In this themed version, Karagiozis finds himself in a school. Your kid will be part of the show, as we create his or her own personal figure (puppet) after you send us a photo close up! Choose amongst many different figures and outfits! Which one could transform into your little boy or girl? The footballer, the musician, the dancer or the aviator? Does your little one have brown or blond hair, short or long? We will also send a booklet with 3 tales, including dialogues and music suggestions for you to put on an impressive show for your little guests.
We are in flying in space! Our spaceship full of tiny space explorers has landed on a planet named after your kid. Dreams, memories and game ideas grow on this planet like flowers, for our little astronauts to have a real blast!